How has the Church responded during lockdown - Revd Dave and Simone discuss did the Church survive lockdown

On the Late Show Reverend Dave Hodgson and Simone Kennedy Harding (from She Matters) for a two part special looking at the Church under lockdown.

For Churches, everything changed when we were told we could no longer meet together as a Church body during the Coronavirus pandemic but many have found creative ways to keep on “being the Church” during this time.

What were these ways and how has the Church responded?  How successful has that been for Pastors and Church members and now what will the Church look like once the restrictions are lifted and how difficult will it be to transition out of the lockdown? These are just a few of the questions they will be looking at.

Reverend Dave, along with his wife Naomi, are Pastors of a Church based in Spain and he will be sharing how they have sought to feed their Church body at this time whilst also taking the opportunity to reach out to others with the gospel at a time when many are asking questions about the Lord.

Simone, a worship leader and a Christian of many years, will be sharing her experience during this time. How she has been fed during this time, how has she been able to use her gift and how she has used this time to reach out to others.

They will be chatting to special guests on the subject and will take a lighter look at lockdown in their own unique way. 

Do you have your own stories of the Church in lockdown ?  Has it surprised you, disappointed you, encouraged you?  Would you have done it differently ?

We might locked down but we are not locked out – the Church has never been about a building but about being a body.  Do you agree?


21 May 2020

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