How do you operate in Faith for Creative Miracles

On The Twilight Zone this week, Sylvia and I will be talking to our dear brother and evangelist Daniel Chand.

He is an evangelist who goes out on the street operating in the healing power of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, with phenomenal success.

We will be looking at how Christians can operate in the kind of faith that brings about creative miracles.

He will be explaining how the miraculous works, and how to manifest the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

This is a programme for Christians who are really hungry to operate in the power of the Holy Spirit.

He will also be given ample time to minister to everyone who might need healing in their bodies.

We are going to believe God for great healings and deliverance. 

Our Evangelist Daniel Chand will be joining us to minister to all who may need help.                                                        

02 Aug 2022

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