How do you depend on God

On The Twilight Zone this week, Sylvia and Yemi will be asking, ‘How do you learn to depend on God in ministry?’

When God calls a man, He anoints him and send him forth.

He supplies all the needs of this servant of God, in order to fulfil God’s agenda.

Unfortunately, many of us try and look for an easy way out by trying to make things happen by our own effort.

As result, we find it difficult to depend on God for every need.

Some have ended up bringing the Kingdom of God into disrepute, while some have fallen by the way side.

We will be talking to a Man of God who has learnt to depend on the Lord for all his ministry needs, and has been successful at it.

This programme is a must for those still grappling with the need to be totally dependent on God.

You cannot afford to miss this programme.

We will be live and interactive.

On Revelation TV, The Finest!!!

23 Nov 2021

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