Healing from Toxic Relationships

The feeling that comes after a breakup or the death of a loved one is awful. It’s a sense of having lost yourself, like a piece of you has gone missing and is nowhere to be found. The same sensation occurs on a spiritual level when we lose touch with God.

Our identity and self-esteem are rooted in our relationship with him. 40 Days & Nights is a book that will help you dig into your history and determine where things went wrong. By applying biblical truth to situations that became spiritual hurdles, you can break free from the dysfunctional patterns keeping you chained to the past.

The less worthy you feel, the more likely you are to blame others for your perceived inferiority. Inner healing does not come from self-love. Rather, it comes from focusing on God’s immeasurable love for you and expanding your measurable love for him. The foundation of your worth is Christ.

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08 Jun 2021

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