Healing Word back live again

Cyril and Breda returned to our screens for the Healing Word last Friday 15th May and viewers old and new were delighted to see them.  

Eileen wrote in to say “Welcome you both back, you have been so missed, The Healing word is such a blessing .and powerful, to us all.

This wonderful programme based on the power of the Word of God to heal, deliver and restore is always full to the brim with emails as Cyril and Breda call the body of Christ around the word.  

Not only a programme to be watched but a time of participation as Cyril and Breda join with you and invite you to pray for your own needs and also the needs of others and remind you that the Lord is close to all who call on Him.

Cyril reminds us time and time again “The Lord speaks to his people through his word”.  

This hour is always a time of revelation of refreshing and transformation. One lady wrote in last week to say “I have joined watching this programme just this year. I have been blessed and transformed from my old self”.

Breda encourages us to use the power of the living word in our lives.

“When you look at a situation you can be discouraged but when you look at a situation through the word you can start to see the healing and God’s solution”.

Will you join them to share, to learn, to bring your prayer requests and to pray for others.  The bible says in Proverbs 11.25 “he who refreshes others will himself be refreshed”.

See you there.

22 May 2020

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