Growing Together

On She Matters join Simone, Nikki and Jacqui as they look at Growing together.

The Bible says in Psalm 145 - David talks on how we will share the glorious, personal, real things that God has done in our lives and speak of these from one generation to another.  Are we doing that and if not what has changed and how can we reinstate this back in to our lives.

Are older people still respected as carriers of God stories, God's truths in their lives or do the young dismiss the old because they do not think they understand?  Are the older disconnected to the young as they focus on technology and not personal relationships.   Or is it still the truth that we can learn from each other if so how do we make sure to live this Biblical principle?

"One generation shall praise Your works to another, And shall declare Your mighty acts"

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01 Dec 2020

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