From Witchcraft To Christ

On The Twilight Zone this week, Sylvia and I will be talking to this extraordinary lady who at age 17 was training to be a witch, instead got "Born Again" when the Lord Jesus Christ appeared to her, whilst she was receiving demons, and she saw that the demons fled at the mention of the name of Jesus Christ. 

She became a Christian on the revelation that the Lord Jesus Christ is the most powerful!!

He trained her. 

And she has seen Him a further 4 times over the years, and she hears Him.

She is now a Born Again and Spirit filled Christian for 55years. 

She was ordained in South Africa and in Scotland. (Faith churches). 

She did two bible schools and planted 3, with her Scottish pastor.

It is a programme you must not miss.

The programme will be live and interactive on Revelation TV, 

20 Sep 2022

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