From Surviving the Holocaust to defending Israels skies

In this week’s special edition of The Middle East Report, Simon Barrett interviews remarkable Israeli married couple, who share their harrowing stories of surviving the horrors of the Holocaust. 

Shaya Harit shares his story of how he grew up in a wealthy Jewish family in Warsaw Poland and remembers the German Luftwaffe bombing his home city of Warsaw in September 1939. How they had to escape Poland and headed towards the Soviet Union. After the war, he was driven by Jewish American soldiers to the South of France to board the famous Exodus ship in 1947. He tells how the Royal Navy attacked the Exodus ship on its way to Israel and how he was sent back to a Displacement Persons Camp in Germany. In 1948 as a teenager, he made his way to the newly established state of Israel and joined the Israeli air force. 

Zipi Harit was born in Czechoslovakia in 1938 to a wealthy Jewish family who fled to their summer retreat in Slovenia and hid in the mountains. With the onset of the Nazi invasion Zipi mother smuggled Zipi and her baby brother to family in Hungry until the Germans invaded the country, and she tells how they were able to survive the horrors of the holocaust. Shaya and Zipi married in Israel when they were young and have been married for 65 years and this is there remarkable and inspirational story. 

Please join us for this special edition of The Middle East Report not to be missed on Friday at 9pm exclusively on Revelation TV. 

05 Aug 2022

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