From Guns to God

Claud was just six years old when he first held a gun in his hands. Now, over twenty years later, he is returning to communities just like the one he grew up in, this time holding a Bible.

Guns to God is the incredible autobiography of Claud Jackson, a young boy who became a drug dealer and professional criminal before giving his life to God through the Alpha Course and later being called to become a Christian minister.

Though exceptional in parts, Claud's journey is remarkably relatable: it is one of being shaped by circumstance and formed through faith, of losing yourself only to be found. Guns to God is an inspiring and thought-provoking Christian autobiography for anyone wanting a stronger understanding of and insight into the struggle against drugs and drug dealing in urban communities in the UK, and the role that the Christian faith has to play.

Claud Jackson is an ex-London drug dealer turned trainee vicar. He is currently studying at St Mellitus and working at Holy Trinity Brompton. Guns to God is his first book.

Tonight at 9pm, on revelation tv. 

11 Jan 2022

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