Friendship with God

Our friends are important to us, in fact loneliness has proved to be one of the biggest factors with regards to depression but what about the friends we have?

As Christians we get to call Jesus our friend, after all thats what he calls us.

John 15.15 says tht we are no longer servants, Instead he says, I have called you friends, for everything that I learned from my Father I have made known to you.  Imagine the Servant King calling us friends.

What does it mean to have Jesus as our friend, to have Him in our corner for He is more of a best friend than we could ever hope to have.  In fact with Him we are never alone, we don't have to face life alone instead we have a friend who knew us before we were born, sees all our flaws and loves us anyway, meets us just where we are, forgives us, belives in us, wants the best for us, goes before us....what a friend we have in Jesus indeed.

Join the She Matters ladies as they talk about how Jesus is our Best Friend and how do we remember that every minute of every day - not just in times of times of trouble.

She Matters 12.30 Tuesday repeated 12.30 Saturday.  Join them Live to share your experiences of God, our Best Friend.

See you there.

30 Jul 2020

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