Freedom from Freemasonry

On The Twilight Zone this week, we will be talking to a former Freemason, who is now a Born Again Christian.

He will be sharing on how he got involved, and how he came out of the organisation.

The programme will be an eye opener.

Do you have family members who have been initiated into any secret society or a society with secrets?

Brother Robert Brogan was 30 years a Freemason active in Lodge degrees , Mark Lodge degrees, Royal Arch and Knights Templar.

He was definitely well on his way to the 33rd degree. His father was 33rd. His

Grandparents, Mother, uncles and aunts where all involved in Freemasonry and Eastern Star.

However God worked on him, with prayer from his wife and her friends.

A breakthrough to his mental stronghold came, and he was able to see the visible truth available online, and see for himself what he was doing wrong.

He ended up giving his life to Christ, and went through deliverance.

So, join us as we look at how someone received freedom from Freemasonry.

You cannot afford to miss this programme.

On Revelation TV, The Finest!!!

27 Apr 2021

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