Exclusive Interview with Andrea Williams CEO of Christian Concern

In this week’s Politics Today, Simon Barrett has an exclusive interview with the founder and CEO of Christian Concern, who has done more to protect Christian freedoms in this country than anyone else. Christians across the British Isles, owe a debt of gratitude to the ministry of Christian Concern. Without them and their hard work and dedication our Christian freedoms would be under serious threat.

In the philosophical interview, Andrea presents how historically from the late 1960’s onwards, we have seen a fundamental attack on Christianity and biblical moral standards to the extend now that Children have no knowledge of God and our confused over their gender identity.

She also gives us her perspective as head of Christian Concern, on the government’s anti-Christian government agenda and how decades of anti-Christian legislation have produced a hurting and broken society that is in despite need of the healing power of Jesus.

Please join Simon Barrett for this exclusive interview with Andrea Williams only on Revelation TV’s Politics Today this week on Thursday at 8.30pm.

10 Jun 2021

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