Europe: Will Covid19 Lawless Demonstrations lead to Authoritarianism

In this week’s edition of Behind the Headlines, we will be discussing the lawless riots breaking out across European capitals as European countries struggle to coupe with raising levels of Covid19 infections. As result we are witnessing harsh Covid19 restrictions, lockdowns and announcements by both Austrian and German governments that they plan to make the vaccine mandatory. We will be asking is the growing number of Covid19 cases and the oppressive restrictions leading to a more authoritarian Europe?

The German and Austrian governments have announced new lockdowns to control the virus and have made vaccinations mandatory despite concerns for civil liberties and growing authoritarianism.

We have witnessed over the past week that violent demonstrations have taken across European capitals and protestors reacting to the announcements of Covid19 lockdowns as the police have been using water cannons to breakup the crowds.

In the Belgium capital we have witnessed tens of thousands of protestors march through the streets, and we have seen that some of them have smashed the glass at the entrance of the European Commission building. In the Netherlands we have witnessed two nights of rioting where the police have opened fire with live rounds of ammunition and wounding at least four people.  We have also seen demonstrations in Austria, Italy, Croatia, Denmark, and Switzerland.

We will be asking in this programme will the increase in Covid19 cases combined with tougher restrictions, lockdowns and mandatory vaccines lead to greater lawlessness that will in turn lead to a more authoritarian Europe?

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24 Nov 2021

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