Decembers Edition of The Persecuted Church

Events off the field have been attracting much more attention in Qatar, than some of the matches being played in the World Cup. So far there has been no mention of a church in Qatar. There is one. The Qatar government say only ex-patriots and migrant workers are allowed to attend it. If you are a Qataris you are not allowed to join it! But God has other ideas. 


Are you aware that for another six football teams at the World Cup, severe Christian persecution is happening back in their home countries? Do you know which ones? 


For all this, and information about Sri Lanka, China and Columbia, watch The Persecuted Church programme on Revelation TV.

Times of the programme in December are 1st at 10pm, 5th at 1am, 13th at 1pm, 18th at 11pm, 27th at 11:30am, 29th at 5pm, 30th at 3:30am &  31st at 9pm

25 Nov 2022

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