Football World Cup

Cyrus was joined Pastor Derek Walker from The Oxford Bible Church for a Live Q&A Show. 

This week they discussed how a leading charity committed to combating the persecution of Christians around the world has called on believers to use the football World Cup as a spur to their prayers. 

Open Doors UK have highlighted that seven of the countries playing in this year's World Cup are on their World Watch List of nations where Christians can suffer for their faith. 

They explain, "Whilst we acknowledge that many people will choose to not watch the tournament, for different reasons, we believe the tournament offers a precious opportunity to raise support for persecuted Christians living in Iran, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Tunisia, Mexico, Cameroon and host nation Qatar." 

Open Doors says of Iran, "Teaching the Bible, telling others about Christianity or praying to Jesus could lead to being arrested in Iran. More people are rejecting Islam and choosing to follow Jesus, but there are dangers: authorities raid house churches and many leaders have been sent to prison." 

Christians are encouraged to pray that believers in Iran "will have wisdom and boldness as they seek to share their faith with others". Christians are also being asked to pray "that God will use the World Cup to prompt the authorities to allow Qatari believers greater freedoms". 

Pastor Derek discussed this and gave answers to many questions during the 1 Hour Live Question and Answers Programme.

21 Nov 2022

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