Courageous Story of Escaping from the Islamic Republic of Iran

In this week’s edition of The Middle East Report, Simon Barrett interviews courageous Iranian human rights activist Darius who shares his incredible and perilous story of escaping from the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Not wanting to give many spoilers away Darius was born in the United States to an American mother and an Iranian father in the late 1960’s. His parents moved to Iran in the mid 1970’s when the Shah was in power. Darius and his family life would change as the Islamic Revolution gripped the country. His father thought that they could weather the storm and stay in Iran as the Islamists took power. Darius remembers watching the US Embassy siege and how they stay at home and were gripped with fear the following years would be horrific for being a young American. His father realised that he had missed his opportunity to get out of the country as the revolution stated but now, he was determined to get his family out.

Darius tells of the peril and danger he faced being forced to fight in the Iran – Iraq war and he how he was hunted down by the Iranian Revelation Guards. If you want to know more of Darius remarkable escape from Iran.

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08 Oct 2021

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