Count Down to Freedom Day – End of Covid19 Restrictions

In this week’s Home Edition of Politics Today, we will be discussing the count down to Freedom Day that is Monday 19th July, when the government will lift most of the government’s Covid19 restrictions.

Simon Barrett will be joined by Michael McCann, former Labour MP, and Robin Benson Christian Commentator as they unpack the government’s announcements of the big changes to our personal freedoms, when the majority of Covid19 restrictions come to an end on Monday 19th July.

Saga and the government scientists are warning that as Boris Johnson is about to ease lockdown restrictions the number of Covid19 cases are rising fast due to the Delta Variant.

We discuss is it right that the government lift the majority of the Covid19 restrictions that we have all lived with since March 2020?

Please join Simon Barrett and guests on Politics Today this Thursday at 8.30 pm.

15 Jul 2021

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