Church Without Walls Fellowship

Join Cyril and Breda on Sunday at 10.30 for Church Without Walls, our Sunday Church Service where all are welcome, we look forward to you joining us from wherever you are.

This Sunday they will be talking about Fellowship with a message from Daniel Chand.  He will be speaking on the importance of fellowship - the fellowship that has been offered to us by the sacrifice that Jesus made with God and true fellowship which comes from us truly spending time together the power and blessing that comes as we fellowship firstly with the Lord and then as we do together with Him as Christians.

There will be a time when we can extend this fellowship and can pray for each other as we are called to do in James 5 as a body of Christ in Him.

God is good indeed.

Cyril and Breda look forward to you joining them for worship with powerful songs such as Waymaker, a song that has spoken to so many in so many different ways as we seek the Lord for a breakthrough.

Join them for this time of fellowship live for your emails and comments and prayer, worship and communion. 

We always take Communion together a chance to be still and remember in the midst of the busy week the sacrifice that was made for us for the joy set before him.

Join them for this wonderful time where all are so very welcome so tell a friend.

Church Without Walls - 10.30 am Sunday repeated 8.30pm. 

Let'd draw near together, see you there.

13 Sep 2020

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