Church Without Walls

This Sunday we invite you to join Cyril and Breda for our weekly Church Without Walls Service. 

We so love to see you regulars but why not tell somebody new this week about our Church Without Walls service, we know how much it has meant to so many so invite somebody new by telling them about Revelation TV.

We love to share this wonderful time together.  With a preach and the word and worship. We always worship the Lord together with words on the screen so we can lift up our voices together in Praise.

Each week we read the Healing Scriptures together as there is power in speaking the word together.  

Let us have fellowship and pray together as we share through text and email.  It is such a blessing to be able to come together as the body of Christ and pray for each other and share our lives in this way.  This is our Church Without Walls.

Every Sunday we take Communion together. Together we remember and honour the sacrifice made for us.   If you want to have your wine or juice ready and bread to honour the body and blood of Jesus.

Your Church without Walls - 10.30 every Sunday repeated 20.30. Don't miss it.

Church Without Walls - Church for everyone.

29 Nov 2020

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