Christmas - A Story of Adoption


Did you know that the Christmas story is actually a story about adoption?

Some years ago as I was studying the word of God, I was led to understand more about our sonship with Christ.

(In other words, the fact that we are not just Christians in a religious sense but that we are actually sons of God through faith in Jesus Christ). 

As I was reading the book of John, I was particularly challenged by chapter 8:37 where Christ Is addressing the Pharisees. 

“I know that you are Abrahams descendants but you seek to kill me because my word has no place in you.”

Now just a few verses later in verse 39 Christ says this, “if you were Abrahams children you would do the works of Abraham.”

I was immediately challenged by the two apparently contrasting statements. I kept thinking, how can you be a descendant and yet not a child. The answer was found in a careful study of the two words. Descendant is translated from the Greek word Sperma, which is where we get the term sperm. As you can imagine, this word speaks of a natural bloodline but the other term, children, was translated from the Greek word teknon. This word can be used in the same way but actually carries much more of a sense of  becoming a child by relationship. 

As I was studying these terms, I suddenly became aware that Jesus Christ himself was in fact a teknon. (Adopted into Joseph’s bloodline through relationship). 

When the angel Gabriel visited Mary, he told her that the Holy Spirit would overshadow her and that she would bear a child that she was to name Yeshua (Jesus). 

Joseph, even though he had not known his wife, took the child on as his own. 

Perhaps this is the greatest revelation in the Christmas story. As Christ was, so are we. You and I were born of a different bloodline however through relationship with Christ we too have become teknon (taken on) by God. Now, when we see the little baby Jesus we should remember that we are also adopted, children of God. Amen!

Happy Christmas from Hugh and Seva Jackman and the Word & Prayer Team.

03 Dec 2018

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