Christian owned fast food chain told that their six month lease in Reading will not be renewed

Chick-fil-A has been told that their six month lease for the first branch of the American fast food chain in the UK will not be renewed. Protests were made to the Oracle Shopping Centre in Reading because of Chick-fil-A's support for Christian causes, in particular organisations which promote Christian sexual ethics and values.

Speaking to LBC Radio, the Christian Legal Centre’s Michael Phillips says this amounts to totalitarian behaviour, where only one view is allowed and enforced. Listen to the full interview with Nick Ferrari of LBC Radio below, recorded on 23 October.

There is also a CitizenGo petition requesting the Oracle Shopping Centre manager in Reading to reconsider. You can vist here,

While the chain's location in Reading will close when its six-month lease is up, the American chicken chain quietly opened a location in Scotland in mid-October. The location in a hotel in Aviemore has reportedly been thriving. 

29 Oct 2019

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