Building Fund Update

This Thursday Join Howard, Cyrus and Yemi for a Live and Interactive Building Fund Update.

They will be sharing the most up to date videos and photos from the Revelation International Centre giving us a glimpse in to how the Building is taking shape.

Can a month make a difference? Join them and see.

Howard will also be sharing, along with Yemi and Cy, their passion to preach God's word and share God's love and the difference we make a Revelation TV family in doing this through the Television Ministry. 

The Building is a dream God gave Howard in the furtherance of this mission - we thank you for all your prayers and donations that have made this happen.  

Let us be encouraged together as we move closer and closer to that day when we can see the Building finished and being used for God’s glory in all the ways God intended.

They will be discussing creative ways to evangelise and share the gospel that will be made possible by this new Building.

Join us so we can pray together, encourage each other and get excited, as the vision for the Building becomes a reality little by little.

There will be an update on the funds and they will be thanking you once again for all the wonderful support you have given so far, every day we get closer!

Let us together re-establish the vision and let us once again come together as the Revelation TV family to pray for each step forward towards this amazing Building that will do so much to  what the Lord purposed “for such a time as this”

Join them for this exciting programme, live and interactive, 10pm Thursday do not miss it!  (Repeated Friday 27 11.30am and 5pm)

See you there!

26 Nov 2020

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