Brexit at last

Brexit at last

On this week’s Politics Today on Thursday, join Simon Barrett and guests David Kurten – London Assembly Member – The Heritage Party and Melanie Symonds – Editor of Heart Newspaper as they discuss how the government has finally achieved Brexit.  They will be asking - what does the Brexit Treaty signed with the EU mean for us? 

Join them as they discuss the historical agreement, between Britain and the European Union that was reached on Christmas Eve and rushed through Parliament into law before the deadline of the transition period the 31st December.  

Finally, we can all breathe a sigh of relief that Brexit is over, after a fiercely contested Referendum, two General Elections, three Prime Ministers and four and half years of negotiations end our nearly fifty-year relationship with the European block. 

We unpack the new treaty that our Prime Minister Boris Johnson has made with the European Union at the last minute despite the fact it was looking like we were heading for a no deal Brexit. 

We discuss are we now a free and Independent nation once again? What does it mean to have our own sovereignty back with the ability to govern in our own national interests? 
We ask why is this Brexit agreement so important to Christians who care about freedom? 

Please watch this week’s Politics Today to gain an understanding of the historic Brexit agreement with the EU that gives our nation its freedom back. 

Thursday 8.30 repeated Sunday at 2pm – this is a programme you do not want to miss.

14 Jan 2021

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