Bible Study Acts 11 Peter shares his vision

Join the Bible Study team on Monday as they continue their look at the Book of Acts - this important book detailing the birth and growth of the early Church and the spreading of the gospel immediately after the death and resurrection of Jesus.

This week they are in Acts 11 v1 to 18 this important account following the conversion of Cornelius and his household, Peter encounters contention from his fellow believers back in Jerusalem.  Will he be able to give a good account of himself?

As he shares the vision he saw in a trance and explains what he felt the Lord showed him thorugh this vision will his fellow believers be able to see it too? And what does this mean for his journey ahead?

Join Tim Vince, Alan Tun and Ian Bell for this popular and insightful look in to the Bible. Tim Vince an educationalist, Alan Tun a lawyer and Ian Bell a Baptist Minister each approaches the scriptures from a different angle but with the same heart.

Monday 9pm repeated 2pm Tuesday 2pm.

14 Sep 2020

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