Best Bits of the Week

Join Nikki at 9pm for Best Bits of the Week. 

Mental Health seemed to be a popular topic throughout the week; Kurt & Melanie were looking at what the Bible has to say about Mental Health on Insight Live while Cy and Yemi were discussing what the younger generation are influenced by on R Mornings. 

Israel’s 74th anniversary was marked and celebrated by Simon on his programmes Behind the Headlines and The Middle East Report while the Bible Study team continued their study of Galatains but also looked at the significance of Moses and his rod. 

Gordon highlights the persecution of the church in Ukraine this month with Andrew Boyd and this week Yemi & Sylvia interviewed a prophet who had words to say about the Ukraine war before it began. 

All this and much more TONIGHT at 9pm - Best Bits of the week is also repeated tomorrow at 1pm.

07 May 2022

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