Best Bits of The Week

Tonight’s Best Bits is going to be an encouraging one!

Starting off by continuing the Birthday Celebrations for Revelation 18th, Cyril and Breda reminisce on Church Without Walls about how they joined the channel. There will also be a chance to hear from our lovely viewers who sent in some birthday messages.

You’ll need a pen and paper for tonight’s show too as there will be an opportunity to join in with a quiz all about Revelation TV, shown on this week's Building Fund Appeal - which will also appear on Best Bits tonight to give an update of the developments of the new studios.

Scriptures were shared on a number of programmes this week including Midweek Church and R Mornings and these will be used to uplift those who are feeling anxious and depressed at this moment of time, which some viewers expressed on Lunchtime Live and Voice in the Wilderness.

So join Nikki tonight at 9pm for a time of reflection, fun and worship!

20 Feb 2021

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