Best Bits

Join Nikki on Best Bits this week after a varied week of wonderful television on Revelation TV.

Viewers joined together to pray for Alan Tun who is in hospital suffering after having Covid.

On Lunchtime Live, Chris and Yemi prayed for our viewers and again we joined together to pray for Joel.

On She Matters the ladies asked us to write down your vision for 2021 so that the herald could run with it as God told Habbakuk.

Yemi and Sylvia discussed the famous TB Joshua and Kurt and Melanie talked to a man who is praising God after his journey through cancer and inspired us to Praise God in all circumstances.

Howard returned to the sofa for the Building Fund programme as we all followed the progress the Building is making.

All that and so much more -  Best Bits with Nikki - join her 9pm Saturday - is your Best Bit in there?



23 Jan 2021

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