Avoiding Burnout

On Thursday on Everyday Life Pastor Dave Hodgson and Simone Kennedy Harding will be talking about how to avoid burnout and how did Jesus view the importance of rest?

A new months has begun and as life shifts gear and schools go back and people are being encouraged back into the office and back to work, Dave and Simone will talking about how to avoid burnout in our lives and how as Christians we know the importance of rest even in our busy lives.

So many are eager to get life started after the last few months but there is a danger of doing too much too soon.  

How do we do that when so much calls for our attention?  How do we rest when there's so much to do?

They will be joined by Brady Boyd about his book "Addicted to Busy" Brady is the Senior Pastor of New Life Church in Colorado Springs, Colorado.  In this book he will be talking about how to live a life that embraces stillness and solitude, finding the peace that God wants for us. For those moving too fast through life, a guide to help you slow down and discover rest.

Join them for this Live show where they welcome your interactaction and emails and when they will be asking you how often do you rest? 

Are you good at it or do you need to discipline yourself to do it. 

All that and more on this weeks show.

Everyday Living Thursday 9pm repeated 3pm.  They look forward to seeing you.

17 Sep 2020

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