Author Philip Quenby talks about the Geneva Bible

On Thursday join Tim Vince on No Compromise where he interviews author Philip Quenby on the historical context (and consequences) of the Geneva Bible which many consider to be the single greatest influence on the legal and moral fabric of the modern world.  

They will also discuss the events leading up to and following the sailing of the Mayflower to North America.  At the time of the broadcast the Mayflower would be just over half way across the Atlantic exactly 400 years ago.  

Philip gives an honest historical analysis of the social and theological climate of the time and how it unfolded to create the spiritual basis for the American Constitution.  This is a most timely programme for the United States in the midst of a Presidential Election - which may prove to be the most divisive and decisive in modern history.

Philip Quenby is a writer and film-maker after a previous career as a partner in an international law firm.

Don't miss this programme which draws inspiration from biblical characters and innumerable martyrs and preachers through Church History - known and unknown - who have held true to their faith in challenging times.

Inspiring and informative.  Thursday at 10pm repeated 4.30pm Saturday.

15 Oct 2020

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