August R Times

To my dear family,

As we enter the month of August, I have to be honest in saying that all of our staff and crew, me included, are looking forward to our summer break. As we are such a small team we all wear many hats, and to say that life at Revelation TV is full on is the understatement! This break also gives

me and the management team time to reflect and plan for the new season – to look at what has worked well and also to look at what has not worked so well! Our chief technician also tells us that the equipment needs a break as it is on 24/7 and should have downtime each year when it can all be turned off! The office, however, will stay open with a skeleton staff so if you need to contact us its business as usual (as the saying goes)!

We don’t like talking about money at Revelation TV and we are not good at it, but, despite the fact that our staff will be on annual leave, there is no let up in the amount of money we need to raise for this month – bills still have to be paid and our commitments do not change! Please do call the office with your donations and do please continue to send cheques to our UK address. Don’t forget that you can donate online by going to

I have been very busy sourcing some new films for August, so do look out for The Accidental Missionary, Saving Faith, The Story of Joseph, and some programmes that Dr. Grady recorded many years ago that have been hidden in our archives!

Whether you are going away or having a staycation (as they call it these days) I do hope and pray that you enjoy the summer and that you are blessed with the programming on Revelation TV during times that you are home.

With much love, Lesley Conder

01 Aug 2022

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