Are we ignoring the Chinese threat from the East

In this week’s edition of Behind the Headlines, we will be discussing the growing power and influence of the Chinese Communist Party and the threat that they pose to the West.

President Biden unlike his predecessor President Trump is cultivating the communist regime in China as he went on record to say that the “Chinese Communists are not bad folks.” Despite China now being labelled the world’s worst executioner, as the regime kills thousands of people every year using firing squads, lethal injections, and mobile death squads.

Chinese Christians are suffering under this oppressive regime, as they have developed a highly sophisticated digital surveillance system and they have according to Release International installed more than half a billion surveillance cameras with state-of-the-art face recognition systems. The regime cynically uses this technology to watch ever street corner, churches and even pulpits. Despite the massive growth of the underground Church the persecution against Christians is growing at alarming rate.

In the Chinese province of Xinjiang, concentration camps have been built in which Uyghur Muslims and other ethnic minorities have been interned in their millions. Despite the horrific human rights abuses in China, rich Chinese businessmen with strong links to the Communist Party of China have brought up seventeen of our private schools and nine of them owned by senior members of the Communist party. The Brexit leader Nigel Farage has warned of a Communist takeover of large sways of Britain’s private education sector that is allowing these school to be indoctrinated with Chinese propaganda.

The Chinese government, who is responsible the global pandemic Covid19 is infiltrating the western world and our leaders are choosing to turn a blind eye to the shocking human rights abuses in China for financial gain.

To gain a deeper understanding of how the Communist party in China is undermining the west and its role in bible prophecy then watch this week’s live edition of Behind the Headlines on Wednesday at 9pm.

24 Feb 2021

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