Are we heading for an EU army

In this edition of Politics Today we discuss how the EU are preparing to establish an EU army and are calling for a rapid reactionary force after the fiasco of US withdrawal from Afghanistan. As the Afghan crisis exposed Europe’s over reliance on the United States military as European nations wanted the US to extend the withdrawal deadline. 

This week EU Foreign Chief Josep Borrell, believes that the moment has come for an EU expeditionary force despite some EU Member States opposing this idea.  He gives the example of the US withdrawal from Afghanistan as a catalyst for the EU to establish its own permanent military force. He is called for an army of 50,000 EU soldiers but has since scaled it down by asking for 5,000 EU troops.

During the hotly contested EU referendum of 2016, and those on the remain side rubbished the idea put forward by the Brexiteers that the EU was planning to create a European army. Now the Brexiteers have been proved right. We also discuss how the EU wants an EU army as it is a further step towards their goal of creating a European superstate. 

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09 Sep 2021

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