Are the National lockdowns eroding our Christian Liberties

In this week’s edition of Politics Today, we discuss the controversial topic of the government enforced national lockdowns, and pose the vital question are these national lockdowns eroding our Christian freedoms?

There can be no doubt that the governments imposed national lockdowns are helping to reduce the spread of Covid19 but at what cost? our Christian freedoms have been undermined with many churches forced to close or no worship permitted. What is the human and financial costs of these lockdowns in terms of mass unemployment, businesses forced to close, the increase of drug and alcohol abuse and mental health problems leading to greater human misery?

In the programme we also discuss the interesting and important article by Dr Joe Boot, “Christian liberty verses lockdown” published by Christian Concern. Dr Boot writes “History shows us that people will not surrender liberties unless driven by fear, they believe they can trade liberty for safety and security from some deadly threat and that threat is frequently exaggerated to justify authoritarianism or even totalitarianism.”

We discuss how our government has taken unprecedented urgency powers to defeat the virus but once we are out of this current crisis will our Christian and democratic freedoms been given back to us and that is why the government must be held to account.

To understand how the government lockdowns are having on our Christian and democratic freedoms and the need for the Church to arise in this national crisis watch Politics Today on Thursday night at 8.30 pm.

18 Feb 2021

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