Are we heading for a summer of discontent

In this week’s edition of Politics Today’s, we will be discussing the industrial action that is paralysing our transport system as RMT union has refused a 3% pay increase for its members. As a result, our nation is facing the biggest national strike for thirty years meaning virtually all train services have been cancelled including the London Underground. 

This has caused misery throughout the country and only recently recovering from the pandemic as people could not get to their offices and places of work, patients could not attend vital medical appointments and students missing important exams. 

The government during Covid19 the government bailed out the railways with over £12 billion pounds and now the RMT union are wanting to exploit the crisis for political gain to unsettle the Prime Minister and the government. 

We have seen what happens when the unions have too much power in the 1970s and how this led to the winter of discontent. There is a real danger that if Boris does not get to grip of this situation, then we could see more industrial action leading to more damage to our fragile economy. 

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23 Jun 2022

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