Are Christians being targeted in these cultural wars

In this week’s pre-recorded edition of Behind the Headlines, we have a special guest David Kurten a Christian, former member of the London Assembly. He stood as a candidate in the London Mayoral race under the banner of his new political party the Heritage party. 

We discuss what are the challenges facing bible believing Christians, who are the frontline of British politics and how it is extremely tough to stand on a Christian platform. David describes the abuse he received inside the London Assembly from other political representatives for his comments of supporting pro-life. 

We also discuss how Christians who are on the frontlines defending biblical values are the main target of the extreme militant liberals, who have declared a cultural war on us and our beliefs. We discuss how Christians through out the western world have a role to play in pushing back the anti-Christian brigade. 

Please watch this week’s Behind the Headlines on Wednesday at 9 pm as we discuss the need to stand up and be counted for our Messiah Jesus Christ. 

09 Jun 2021

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