Acts 11 Barnabas sends for Saul

On Monday join the Bible Study team as they continue their look at the book of Acts - this important fifth book of the New Testament details the birth and development of the early Church as a great number believed and turned to the Lord.

This week they will be looking at Acts 11 v19 to 30 when some Hellenists come to faith in Antioch through the preaching of believers from Cyprus and Cyrene.  

Barnabas is sent from Jerusalem to ensure that all is well and he is brought to encourage them.  Will he cope by himself, or will he need help?

Join Tim Vince, Alan Tun and Ian Bell - all who come from and live very different lives but all with a great passion for God's word.  Tim is an Educationalist, Alan Tun a Lawyer and Ian Bell a Baptist Minister.

Join them Monday at 9pm repeated at 2pm Tuesday.

21 Sep 2020

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