A Journey through Cancer

On Insight Live this week join Kurt and Melanie as they look at a Journey through Cancer.

For most people, a cancer diagnosis is one of the most devastating experiences of their lives.

Kurt & Melanie interview John Ellwood on his book A Journey Through Cancer in which he not only writes about his own personal experience with cancer, but also provides a guide to those navigating its troublesome path.

A Journey Through Cancer deals with the public perception of cancer, the highs and lows of treatment, and the two potential outcomes. It weaves in spiritual aspects of sickness and scriptural support from the Bible. It provides practical tips and emotional advice in a balanced and sensitive way that treads the line of this incredibly harmful disease skilfully.

John Ellwood spent his working life as a teacher of English and Humanities, church leader and Head Teacher in Oxfordshire, including thirty years on the staff of The King’s School, Witney. He is married to Celia, and they have four children and, at the last count, eight grandchildren.

Join Kurt and Melanie and John as he shares his insights in to how God can work in the seemingly most difficult times and that how even in the most desperate times His light shines brightest.

Live and interactive for your emails and comments on Tuesday 9pm repeated Saturday at 1pm.

Don't miss this wonderful programme bringing hope in a dark place.

19 Jan 2021

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