9pm Saturday join Ellie for Best Bits of the Week

Well another week is being wrapped up and as always there has been a huge amount of wonderful television on Revelation TV, can you even begin to choose just one “Best Bit”?

Church Without Walls – whether it be Sunday or our Midweek Service on Wednesday is always a a wonderful time to come to together in our Church services – did one of those have your Best Bit. What about Ian Bell’s testimony – he touched many people with his encouragement to forgive whatever the circumstances.

Or was it the Lunchtime Live programme – our lunchtime Prayer Meeting where you can phone in live.  Tuesday followed She Matters which was all about relationships and Soul Ties – a lady phoned in to testify of a broken soul tie that preceded a family being created – was that a Best Bit for you?

Or was it the wonderful Testimony Yemi and Sylvia shared on the Twilight Zone with a man who has found freedom from a life in the occult through Jesus.

Or was it Craig on the Upper Room? Always so encouraging, enlightening and inspiring. How can we choose a Best Bit from either of those wonderful programmes?

Or was is the Late Show asking What Impact has music had on your life?  That was truly a great programme as we looked back on songs that meant so much to us.
Difficult to choose? We think so too.  
Join Ellie, 9pm Saturday to see just some of the Best Bits of the Week.

27 Jun 2020

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