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God can use anybody

On Everyday Living this Thursday join Pastor Dave Hodgson and Simone Kennedy Harding.

This week they will be talking about grace and not judging others.  

In fact The Bible itself is full of characters who have had questionable pasts and how God restored them despite their pasts.

Perhaps a few come to mind and we too come to the Lord with a less than perfect past yet God still wants to reach...

21 Jan 2021

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Lockdown 3

In this Home Edition of Politics Today, Simon Barrett and guests discuss the impact of lockdown 3 the third national lockdown since the beginning of the Covid19 crisis back in March last year. 

They will be discussing how the hospitals in London and the South East are facing the worst crisis in living memory and how the NHS could be over run in the maters of weeks as the new variant strain of ...

21 Jan 2021

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The Inauguration of Joe Biden as the 46th President of America

The Inauguration of Joe Biden as America’s 46th President 

In this week’s edition of Behind the Headlines join Simon Barrett and his guests as they will be discussing the controversial Inauguration of Joe Biden as America’s 46th President in Washington D.C on the 20th January.  Simon will be joined by Pastor Regan King and Gary Lane who is the host and producer of CBN Global Lane.

The securit...

20 Jan 2021

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Who is the real T B Joshua

On The Twilight Zone this week join Sylvia and Yemi as they will be looking at T B Joshua and his Synagogue church.

For many years T B Joshua has divided opinions within the Body of Christ - many people ask, is he a true man of God or a fraud?  There is alot of debate as to whether he is of God or not.

Many Christians are divided as to who T B Joshua is.  Some believe he since he preaches rig...

19 Jan 2021

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A Journey through Cancer

On Insight Live this week join Kurt and Melanie as they look at a Journey through Cancer.

For most people, a cancer diagnosis is one of the most devastating experiences of their lives.

Kurt & Melanie interview John Ellwood on his book A Journey Through Cancer in which he not only writes about his own personal experience with cancer, but also provides a guide to those navigating its troublesom...

19 Jan 2021

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As far as the eye can see

2021 is going to be a special year.  We believe that this is the year of the Lord's favour and we are pressing in this year to what God has for us - individually and as a body and as part of the Kingdom.

Join the She Matters ladies as they encourage you and speak of the power of writing down what God has spoken over your life in 2021 so that you can truly run with it.  Writing down the vision ...

19 Jan 2021

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Dr Grady and Yemi here to answer your questions

Tonight on Q and A don't miss another chance to join Yemi and Dr Grady McMurtry for Q and A - it says exactly what it says, you ask questions and they will answer them.

Yes, Q and A is a programme where you can ask any question that is on your heart or mind - if you know Yemi and Dr Grady you will know they come with great knowledge, experience and expertise.

Dr Grady is deeply knowledgeable ...

18 Jan 2021

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Ministry to the Gentiles

Every Monday night means Bible Study. 

Join the Bible Study team who are currently deep in the book of Acts.  This week join them as they continue their journey and find themselves in Acts 18 v4 to 23.  

At this point, Paul spends a couple of years in Corinth.  His ministry shifts primarily to the gentiles, after the Jews reject his teaching in the synagogues.

He then sails for Syria, his se...

18 Jan 2021

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Prophecy Update 2021

On the Middle East Report on Friday join Simon Barrett and Pastor Jeff Cuozzo the UK Director of Behold Israel Ministry on the Middle East Report home edition as they discuss what will be the prophetic events and themes to look out for in 2021? 

They discuss the big news events of 2020 that had prophetic significance from the global pandemic Covid19 to the emergence of a cashless society and a...

15 Jan 2021

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How to be Salt and Light in our Communities

On Everyday Living this week join Dave and Simone as they look at being salt and light in our Communities.

God has called us, as believers, to be Salt and Light to the world. In Matthew 5 13-16 Jesus tells us that we are Salt and Light

“You are the salt of the earth; but if the salt loses its flavour, how shall it be seasoned? It is then good for nothing but to be thrown out and trampled unde...

14 Jan 2021

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