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Best Bits of the Week

Its that time, Best Bits of the Week is here - our weekly round up of some of just a few of the best few moments of our live television.

Is your Best Bit in there.

On the Midweek Church service Gordon and Lorna talked about thanksgiving, we know so many people are enjoying this second chance to meet during the week in fact one of our viewers wrote in to tell us why.

Everyday Living talked ab...

28 Nov 2020

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What a Biden Presidency means for Israel and the Middle East

In this week’s edition of the Middle East Report, we will be discussing what a Joe Biden Presidency will mean for Israel and the Middle East? 

Despite the legal battles surrounding the US Presidential Election result, it looks likely that Joe Biden will be sworn in as America’s forty sixth President with a completely different set of foreign policy objectives towards Israel and the Middle East...

27 Nov 2020

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Building Fund Update

This Thursday Join Howard, Cyrus and Yemi for a Live and Interactive Building Fund Update.

They will be sharing the most up to date videos and photos from the Revelation International Centre giving us a glimpse in to how the Building is taking shape.

Can a month make a difference? Join them and see.

Howard will also be sharing, along with Yemi and Cy, their passion to preach God's word and s...

26 Nov 2020

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Giving Thanks

On Everyday Living this Thursday join Pastor Dave Hodgson and Simone Kennedy Hardy as they look at the blessing of giving thanks.

It’s Thanksgiving in the USA - Dave and Simone will looking at giving thanks to God. 

They will be asking, how can we live everyday with thanks giving. They will be talking about the benefits of living with a thankful heart and eyes turned towards the Lord and shar...

26 Nov 2020

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The Labour party and the anti-Semitism fallout

The Labour party and the anti-Semitism fallout 

Join Simon Barrett and Steve Maltz, Christian Writer and Blogger and Robin Benson, Christian Political Commentator as they discuss the fallout of the Anti-Semitism scandal within the Labour party.  They ask can Sir Kier Starmer win the trust of the Jewish Community again? 

On Politics Today, we will be discussing the findings of the investigatio...

26 Nov 2020

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What words have been spoken over your life

On She Matters today join Jacqui, Nikki and Simone as they talk about the words spoken over our lives.

We have all had words spoken over our lives - good and bad - both affect us.  It may be by our parents or our peers or by complete strangers. Still those words affect us.

What does God say about us - do the words God say about us hold more power than the words people say about us or do we al...

26 Nov 2020

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Living According to Biblical Truth

On the Late Show this week, join Mark and Jeremy as they ask some fundamental questions about living the Christian life in this world. 

They will be looking at what are the challenges for Christians and how can do we overcome them? 

Have these challenges differed over the years, are we facing different challenges now than we did in the past or are the challenges we face as Christians still th...

25 Nov 2020

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Is Brexit still relevant in the new Covid19 New World Order

Is Brexit still relevant in the new Covid19 New World Order? 

Join Simon Barrett and Regan King as they discuss is Brexit still relevant in the new Covid19 world as the deadline to get a deal with Brussels is running out of time? 

In this week’s edition of Behind the Headlines, we be discussing Brexit as we are only weeks away from the end of the transition period, when Britain formally leav...

25 Nov 2020

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Is Heaven for real

On The Twilight Zone this week, Sylvia and Yemi will be asking, is heaven for real?

What is heaven life? What is there? Who is there? Will I go there someday?

What happens to Christians today after they die?

Where do they go?

We will be looking at individual stories of people who said they have been to heaven, and check them against scripture, to see if they align with the Word of God.


24 Nov 2020

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Standing Against Injustice

Join Melanie and Kurt on Insight Live on Tuesday at 9pm as they talk about Standing Against Injustice.

On April 26, 1999, BBC TV presenter Jill Dando was murdered outside her home in London, Barry George was convicted and imprisoned for her murder but was later acquitted after an appeal and retrial.

On this episode of Insight Live, Kurt and Melanie interview Barry George´s sister, Michelle Di...

24 Nov 2020

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