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Yemi Balogun and Dr Grady McMurtry

Tonight on Q and A Yemi Balogun will be hosting and be joined by the very popular and knowledgeable Dr Grady McMurtry.

Dr Grady, founder and creator of Creation Worldview Ministries, a ministry set up to be a part of the revitalization of classical Christian intellectual activity for the preservation, promotion and propagation of a Christian Biblical World View is a popular speaker, author and...

21 Sep 2020

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Acts 11 Barnabas sends for Saul

On Monday join the Bible Study team as they continue their look at the book of Acts - this important fifth book of the New Testament details the birth and development of the early Church as a great number believed and turned to the Lord.

This week they will be looking at Acts 11 v19 to 30 when some Hellenists come to faith in Antioch through the preaching of believers from Cyprus and Cyrene.  ...

21 Sep 2020

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Church Without Walls

Join Cyril and Breda on Church Without Walls on Sunday morning for our Sunday Service - all are welcome so tell a friend or two.

Join us as we worship together, fellowship together and learn together from the precious Word of God.

With wonderful hymns such as Come now is the time to Worship and Here is love as Vast as the Ocean, all with words on the screen so we can sing along together, let ...

20 Sep 2020

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Best Bits of the Week

It's that time again, Best Bits of the Week!

I know, I know how can we choose?!  We can't - but here's just a few of the wonderful televsion this week.

Cyril and Breda started off the week on Church Without Walls talking about the Power of Prayer, its so wonderful that we can join together for our weekly Church Without Walls service.

On Lunchtime Live Yemi was joined by Lesley and they were ...

19 Sep 2020

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The Challenge of standing up in the Republic of Ireland

Join Simon Barrett on the Middle East Report as he interviews Jackie Goodall the founder and director of Ireland Israel Alliance as she discusses the challenges in standing up for Israel in the Republic of Ireland. 

The Republic of Ireland has a reputation of being one of the most hostile western nations towards Israel and is very pro-Palestinian. The Israeli – Palestinian conflict is seen wit...

18 Sep 2020

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Perspectives from Holland and Eastleigh

Join Tim Vince on No Compromise on Thursday where he looks at Perspectives from Holland and Eastleigh.

In this programme Tim Vince interviews Edward Koemans from the Netherlands who has founded a new school and stands for Christian values in in a socially liberal country. He will also be joined by Danny Stupple who has launched numerous initiatives to demonstrate Christian living among his loc...

17 Sep 2020

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Avoiding Burnout

On Thursday on Everyday Life Pastor Dave Hodgson and Simone Kennedy Harding will be talking about how to avoid burnout and how did Jesus view the importance of rest?

A new months has begun and as life shifts gear and schools go back and people are being encouraged back into the office and back to work, Dave and Simone will talking about how to avoid burnout in our lives and how as Christians w...

17 Sep 2020

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Is Freedom of Speech under threat

On Politics Today join Simon Barrett and Robin Benson (Christian Political Analyst) aswell as Melanie Symonds (Editor of Heart Newspaper) as they discuss whether freedom of speech is under threat by extreme environmental protestors and with the raise of Covid 19 case could we be heading for another national lockdown? 

They will be asking why are we seeing so many protests either by BLM or Clim...

17 Sep 2020

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The Radical Love of God

Join the She Matters ladies as they talk about the Radical Love of God – yes Radical.  

Radical enough to love us when we were far off, in our sinful state, in the miry clay.  Radical enough to send His son to live in a sinful world and die for those who rejected him.  

As parents we experience just a taste of this unconditional love as we give and give to our children expecting little in ret...

17 Sep 2020

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What was the point of the Law and how relevant is it today

Join Mark and Jack Willats on the Late Show as they will be speaking about the Law and ask "What was the point of the Law and how is it relevant today?"

When “the law” is mentioned in the Bible it looks to the days of the Old Testament. While there are many, if not hundreds of commands given to the Israelites “the law” refers specifically to first five books of the Bible and the decrees given ...

16 Sep 2020

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