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Derek Walker is back on the Q and A Show

Tonight join Derek Walker as he is back live & interactive on the Q&A Show tonight with Cyrus putting your questions to Pastor Derek. 

Do you have questions that you would like Derek to answer? 

Is there a scripture which you can't negoitiate your head around? Ask Derek tonight!

Be sure to email in your questions when the programme starts! 

Tonight at 10pm - live and interactive. 


29 Nov 2021

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Dangers of legalism

Bible Study - Philippians - C3 V1 to V11 

Being a Christian means having a loving relationship with the Lord, rejoicing in Him and trusting in His grace, having no confidence in the flesh. 

We discuss the dangers of legalism and why it is an evil counterfeit of the true gospel. Christ alone and His righteousness is the only sure foundation for our salvation, 

but legalism causes people to lo...

29 Nov 2021

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Best Bits of the Week

There was lots of exciting and insightful content on Revelation TV this week. Tune into Best Bits of the Week with Nikki at 9pm to see what topics were covered. 

We had our special monthly programme called Time For Revelation where Howard and Lesely gave us an update with what is happening with the channel and the new Revelation International Centre - which is looking fab! 

They were also pra...

27 Nov 2021

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Why have our universities become so intolerant towards Israel

In this week’s edition of The Middle East Report, Simon Barrett interviews Sharon Klaff from Campaign 4 Truth, as we discuss have our universities become intolerant towards Israel? This was after the Israeli Ambassador Tzipi Hotovely was verbally abused and a mob tried to attack her and her car after speaking at a London University.

The Ambassador was giving a talk to the debating society at t...

26 Nov 2021

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Time for Revelation on Tonight

Join us on Time for Revelation TONIGHT at 9pm.

Howard and Lesley will be with you for a whole hour live & interactive. 

Cyrus will be sharing a news report on the new building & Gordon will be sharing some information about Revelation's finances. 

A programme that provides all the updates of the happenings behind the scenes. 

Be blessed by this programme at 9pm, be sure not to miss it!


25 Nov 2021

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Is Converting to Christianity the new terror tactic

In this week’s edition of Politics Today, we will be discussing the asylum seeker Emad Jamil Al Swealmeen, who supposedly converted from Islam to Christianity who blow himself up in a taxi outside a Liverpool hospital.

It is believed that the suicide bomber, target was Liverpool Cathedral, where over 2,000 people were attending a memorial service to mark Remembrance Sunday. According to news r...

25 Nov 2021

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Europe: Will Covid19 Lawless Demonstrations lead to Authoritarianism

In this week’s edition of Behind the Headlines, we will be discussing the lawless riots breaking out across European capitals as European countries struggle to coupe with raising levels of Covid19 infections. As result we are witnessing harsh Covid19 restrictions, lockdowns and announcements by both Austrian and German governments that they plan to make the vaccine mandatory. We will be asking ...

24 Nov 2021

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How do you depend on God

On The Twilight Zone this week, Sylvia and Yemi will be asking, ‘How do you learn to depend on God in ministry?’

When God calls a man, He anoints him and send him forth.

He supplies all the needs of this servant of God, in order to fulfil God’s agenda.

Unfortunately, many of us try and look for an easy way out by trying to make things happen by our own effort.

As result, we find it difficul...

23 Nov 2021

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Dr Grady is Back To Answer Your Questions

Tonight on the Q&A Show Live, Dr Grady McMurtry is back to answer your questions. 

Cyrus will be on the red sofa ready to read out your emails to Dr Grady so you can have answers. 

The Q&A Show, a popular programme on Revelation TV gives you, our viewers, the ability to get involved in the programme and seek answers from our experts. 

 Dr. Grady S. McMurtry is an American Christian apologist...

22 Nov 2021

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Philippians - C2 V17 to V30 

Philippians - C2 V17 to V30 

In these verses, Paul gives us 3 biographical illustrations of what it means to have the attitude of Christ, in His submission to God and thinking of others and serving them by putting them first.

(1) Paul, himself, who was willing to lay down his life in martyrdom as a drink offering, to deepen their faith by his example (v17-18).

(2) Timothy, who was most like ...

22 Nov 2021

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