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Hindus coming to Christian faith after miraculous healings

Indians are coming to Christian faith after miraculous healings thanks to the extraordinary power of prayer.

Raman*, 29, grew up in a Hindu family, where his grandfather, a Hindu priest, would sacrifice animals for gods and perform curses for a fee. His mother also made money using black magic. At the age of nine, Raman started to become sick and he would frequently collapse: “At that time, I ...

08 Aug 2019

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Young Iranian Christian woman arrested, while her attacker goes free

A young Christian woman was arrested in Iran for not wearing her headscarf “properly."

Iranian Christian Fatemeh Mohammadi, 20, was assaulted earlier this month while travelling on a bus by another passenger who accused her of not wearing her headscarf properly. Iranian police arrested Fatemeh when she went to the police station to file a complaint against the woman. According to an eyewitness...

30 Jul 2019

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Get your FREE book “Tortured for Christ” by Richard Wurmbrand

Millions of people have been inspired by the testimony of Richard Wurmbrand. It's a powerful testimony of faith every Christian and non-Christian should hear.

On February 29, 1948, Richard Wurmbrand was arrested by the secret police. His crimes? Leading Christian worship and witnessing - both of which were illegal under the atheistic Communist regime of Romania. He also spoke up for Christ at ...

26 Jul 2019

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Street preacher Olu offered damages by police after wrongful arrest

Street preacher Olu has been offered £2,500 in exemplary damages from the Metropolitan Police in relation to his false arrest, imprisonment and unlawful detention in February 2019. In light of this outcome, this week he will hand in a petition, signed by over 40,000 people, calling for the government, the police and London Mayor, Sadiq Khan, to do more to protect Christian street preachers and ...

26 Jul 2019

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President Donald Trump Meets Persecuted Christians at the White House

US President Donald Trump has met 27 people who have suffered for their faith at the White House, including several Christians from around the world who have experienced persecution.

At a meeting in the White House, the President met survivors of religious persecution and heard about their concerns for their home countries. Among those who participated in the visit were American pastor Andrew ...

25 Jul 2019

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Boris Johnson - Britain's New Prime Minister

We congratulate Boris Johnson on winning the Conservative Party election and thus becoming Prime Minster of the United Kingdom.

Our responsibility now is to pray for him.

When the Apostle Paul wrote to Titus, he told him: Remind them (that’s the people) to be subject to rulers and authorities, to obey, to be ready for every good work, to speak evil of no one …

And to Timothy, Paul wrote: The...

23 Jul 2019

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Man's first step on the moon

50th anniversary of first steps of mankind on the moon
Today (Saturday 20th July 2019) is the 50th anniversary of the opening of a spaceship on the moon and man stepping out on to it – for the very first time. Everyone remembers Neil Armstrong saying: That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.  What’s not so well known is that Buzz Aldrin, before leaving the space ship to step...

20 Jul 2019

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"She Matters" - New Live Shows

Jacqui, Simone & Edith went live today with the first of a new series of live "She Matters" shows. View the show here.

"She Matters" will be live every Tuesday afternoon at 2 pm with reruns on Fridays at 1:30 am & Saturday at 3pm. Also available on the Shows page of the website, Revelation TV App, ROKU or Apple TV. 

Thanks for all your messsages of encouragement.


02 Jul 2019

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Christian GP under investigation for praying with patients

A Christian doctor faces being struck off after offering consensual prayer to some of his patients.

Dr Richard Scott is being investigated by the General Medical Council (GMC) after the National Secular Society (NSS) raised "concern" that he "continues to proselytise to patients."

Despite no formal complaint being made against Richard, the GMC has now begun a fitness to practice investigation...

26 Jun 2019

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North Korea and North East China Step Up Surveillance

With reports of increased surveillance and pressure on North Korean defectors in China, an Open Doors researcher confirms that the situation is deteriorating.

An Open Doors researcher who wished to remain anonymous for their safety said: “We can confirm that there is intense surveillance in both North Korea and North East China. It seems that the North Korean and Chinese governments are workin...

25 Jun 2019

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