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Best Bits of the Week

Join Nikki tonight at 9pm for Best Bits of the Week. 

Have you ever wondered why the Gospel of John is different? - This was answered on Insight Live this week.
Have you ever wondered how Witchcraft works? Yemi & Sylvia explained on The Twilight Zone this week.
Have you ever wondered if the Biblical Law can give you life? The Bible Study team cleared this up this week.

All these questions are...

21 May 2022

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Why do we need to remember the Armenian Genocide

In this week’s edition of The Middle East Report, Simon Barrett interviews Rafik Sarkissian a leading member of the British Armenian community to mark the 107th anniversary of the Armenian genocide committed by the Ottoman Turks. This holocaust against Armenians, Assyrians, Greek Christians during the First World War is the biggest genocide committed against Christians in history. 

We discuss ...

20 May 2022

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You are not Alone

Join Dave & Nikki on Everyday Living tonight at 9pm as they talk about the topic of Loneliness.

Loneliness affects millions of people in the UK and around the world. It can come at anytime, anywhere, at any age. Loneliness isn't about not having people around you or in your life, but it is the feeling of not having social connections or feeling loved and therefore it results in suffering with ...

19 May 2022

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Could we be witnessing the breakup of the UK within a generation

In this week’s edition of Behind the Headlines, we will be discussing how the recent local election results across the British Isles could be the start of the breakup of the United Kingdom with a generation. 

The Scottish Nationalists are the most dominant political force in Scotland and pushing for a second referendum on Scottish Independence despite losing the last one in 2014. SNP leader Ni...

18 May 2022

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How does Witchcraft Work

On The Twilight Zone, we are going to be looking at how witchcraft works.

Satan saw how God created the heavens and the earth.

He is applying the same principle but in a negative way.

If you are going to fight witchcraft, you must know how it operates, because if you are ignorant of the devices of the enemy, you are likely to lose the battle.

In being aware of the nature of the battle, that...

17 May 2022

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Johns Gospel Revealed

Why is John's Gospel so different from Matthew, Mark and Luke? What does John offer us as believers that the others don't? You will be fascinated by this episode of Insight Live. 

John’s Gospel differs from the other Gospels in several ways: it covers a different time span than the others; it locates much of Jesus’ ministry in Judaea; and it portrays Jesus speaking at length on theological mat...

17 May 2022

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The Purpose of the Law

The Purpose of the Law (Galatians 3:19-23).

Previously we saw that God established His way of salvation by grace through Abraham, so that when He introduced the Law through Moses, He never intended it to be a means of salvation. So, the question naturally arises: What then is the purpose of the Law? We see that one of its main purposes is to reveal the fact that we are sinners, who cannot save...

16 May 2022

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Join Nikki at 9pm tonight for Best Bits of the Week

Join Nikki at 9pm tonight for Best Bits of the Week.

God’s Love, God’s Law, God’s Faithfulness, God’s Presence and God’s Truth were topics covered across this week on our Revelation TV Programmes.

Howard & Lesley started the week on R Mornings by showing their appreciation and thanking all you who send in your letters and comments. 

Evangelist Ray Comfort from the Living Waters Ministry was ...

14 May 2022

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Israel at 74 - why do Christians need to support Israel

In this week’s edition of The Middle East Report, Simon Barrett interviews Robin Benson Christian commentator on celebrating Israel at 74 as an independent sovereign nation in fulfilment of biblical prophecy. 

We discuss the struggle for the nation birth as only three years before the re-establishment of the state of Israel on the 14th May 1948 the true horrors of the Holocaust emerged with ov...

13 May 2022

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Gods faithfulness

Gods faithfulness is amazing! How often we let him down and fail him. We have all experience disappointments and rejection when people haven’t lived up to our expectations. You may even feel portrayed, it’s easy to think about God in such terms.


The Bible says he mercies are new every morning! Every single morning! He cannot be unfaithful to us, he is committed to relationship reconciliatio...

12 May 2022

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