The tour to Israel next year will be from 14th - 22nd June. 

In addition to Jerusalem and the Galilee (well known on previous tours) we will be spending time around the Dead Sea to visit Masada, Qumran and Ein Gedi.  Some amazing new scroll fragments from Nahum and Zechariah have been found recently in Qumran which adds to the excitement as we consider the relevance to our times of what the prophets have spoken. 

The tour provides a wonderful opportunity for fellowship and understanding the challenges that Israel faces and the amazing story of their survival not only in modern times but also through history.  We will see many locations with a direct biblical connection and share the wonder of what Jesus saw whilst he taught his disciples. 

Every tour is a privilege and none more so as we come out from under the cloud of COVID.  In addition to the Dead Sea hotel, we have found a lovely hotel in Jerusalem called the Lady Stern in addition to the Golden Crowne in Nazareth overlooking the valley of Jezreel.  Adding the Dead Sea sites to Baptisms in the River Jordan, the Galilee Boat ride, the Garden Tomb (a very strong possible site of the Resurrection) to Manger Square, Bethlehem this will be the most extensive Israel Tour we have ever enjoyed together as the Church Without Walls.

You could say that on our travels we will cover almost the whole land of the Bible from Genesis to Revelation! 

The best way to secure your place on the tour is to phone the bookings line 020 8931 8811 or send an email request for a bookings form. You will also receive full information on all the sites we will visit (which are far too many to put in this small description!)


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