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I need to say emphatically that I am a Royalist. As I grew up as a boy, whenever the national anthem was played on radio or TV, we would stand up in our lounge as a sign of respect for the Royal Family. The same was true if I went to the local cinema. As the film finished the National Anthem would begin and I would stand there in front of my seat until it finished. I believe that having a Royal Family brings a great stability to our country. The Queen is amazing and she is fearless in affirming her Christian faith.

Similarly I am delighted for Prince Harry and Meghan as they have announced their engagement and look forward to their wedding.

So what is my aggro about?

It is to do with the hoops that Prince Harry’s fiancé is being put through so that she can be married in the Church of England. She was brought up in a Roman Catholic school, previously been married in a Jewish ceremony…and divorced. Now she is being fast tracked into the Church of England with a baptismal and confirmation ceremony, to ensure the wedding can take place at George’s Chapel in Windsor in May. It is the former Member of Parliament Ann Widdecombe who has been highlighting the issue, and questioning the urgency of Miss Markle’s entry into the Church of England.

She has written in the Catholic Herald newspaper:

‘Hang on a second, Archbishop of Canterbury. Was Miss Markle already planning to avail herself of these sacraments because she has been converted to such beliefs, or is this just a matter of form now she is marrying a royal?’

She is so right. What is going to take place next May is Holy Matrimony. Marriage is such an important institution. It is not just a spectacle and fashion parade.

For their marriage to be a success Prince Harry and Meghan need the presence of Christ in their lives and in their home. I pray that besides all the rehearsals and preparations for the Royal Wedding, that someone will take the time to give them spiritual preparation for setting up home together. How about that Mr Archbishop?

Gordon Pettie,

CEO, Revelation TV.