We live by Faith, not by Sight

by Cyrus Fernando

I would like to take the next few moments just to encourage you and express certain moments in my life where God has been influential.

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At times we can become anxious or stressed and maybe our plans do not turn out the way we would like. I can say from my own experiences that there have been times when I looked to God and asked Why God?

As time goes by, I soon realised that God did have a plan in my life and everything worked out better than I could have ever imagined. 

We can easily become anxious by thinking about when something will happen. Since coming closer to God, I soon realised that we cannot control our life, as God has the control. God has his timing and plan for our lives ......Always!

We all go through challenges daily but having God in our life brings us a peace of mind. When we have peace, we can achieve everything we set our minds to.

Look to God like a friend, Trust in him and believe he has control of everything. He has blessed us all with our own individual talents, so it´s time to believe in yourself and know God will put you in the right path.

We live by Faith, not by Sight

With Love and Blessings
Cyrus Fernando