The Royal Wedding

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Streets lined with faces full of joy and anticipation, flags waving, Union Jack suits, shirts, tiaras and Princess dresses, TV cameras capturing stories of those who have journied from far and wide, dressed horses, marching soldiers, precision and pageantry…. police and security lining the avenues where the Royals will travel to witness the seal and covenant of love…. The world waits… Who will be there, what will they wear and what will the ‘dress look’ like? What a fairy tale, a woman from another land wins the heart of the Prince, the Prince, the bold redhead, the son of a globally love Princess whose life was cut short

The world is watching…...

She steps out of the carriage and takes our breath away with her beauty and choice of simplicity. Not bejewelled (reminds me of Ester), beautiful boat neck, modest, satin Givenchy three quarter sleeve dress, an intrecate veil that took hundreds of hours to make long and regal with two pageboys skillfully negotiating the walk up the stairs and down St George’s Chapel aisle. The flower girls including Princess Charlotte and the pageboys including Princes George walked behind Meghan Markle the beautiful bride.

In the Chapel, Prince Harry and his best man Prince William wait.. I’m sure there were nerves, but there’s nothing like a groom’s anticipation…... The music starts and the bride enters a vision of beauty and strength. The moment is magnified as the Welsh soprano Elin Manahan Thomas delivers a hauntingly beautiful hymn by Handel….. I didn’t want it to end. For most it seemed right that Meghan walk alone for the first part and joined later by her future Father- in-law, Prince Charles. Emotions were high already even before the vows. All eyes were On Harry as he set eyes on his bride for the first time (wearing the bejewelled diamond tiara/bandeau originally given to Princess Mary in 1893) . The couples interaction was caught on camera.. .... Harry whispering .... Slow the video down, and it seems clear he was telling her “you look amazing”. A smile, a reassurance of love….

The Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby leads the couple through sincere and beautiful vows and ring exchange. Inbetween the ceremony we were treated to a selection of personally selected music by the couple, directed by James Vivían who oversaw all the music. What a magnificent choice ... The choir sang works of Thomas Tallis and my personal favourite, John Rutter. An outstanding cellist, 19 year old Sheku Kenneh-Mason performed a selection, the most beautiful in my opinion by the French composer Gabriel Faure based on a poem about a dream of a perfect love. The shake up was definitely the incredibly passionate message of US Bishop Michael Curry who spoke about the power of love. To enhance this climactic time, the Kingdom Choir from South East England led by choir director Karen Gibson, sang ‘Stand by Me’ and as the couple left the Chapel, ‘This Little Light of Mine’ was echoing all the joy and expectancy of this couples’ union…. They were quoted to say “We are going to change the world together”. Amen!!! What a celebration!!!

Hearts and emotions spinning, the thrill of a beautiful Royal love story…. which reminds those of us who known the groom who is coming for His bride, that there is still this eternal story of love and redemption. The greatest love story ever told… And we are still preparing ourselves…. The bride dressed in white, made perfect, waiting for her love….. Jesus the eternal King.

May I encourage you to shine your light and to have your lamps full…. HE is coming and there will be the great wedding feast!

By Pastor Melanie Kuttner-Borough

Presenter & Co-Pastor of the Wave Church.