Dear God, Tim can’t take your calls any more — he’s got five seats to win

by Gordon & Lorna Pettie

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At first I could not understand what the article in the Times newspaper, was all about. Rod Liddle, the associate editor of the Spectator magazine was writing under the headline Dear God, Tim can’t take your calls any more — he’s got five seats to win

I knew the article was about Tim Farron who is the leader of the Liberal Democrat Party. He is also a professing born again Christian. In the past he has implied he believed homosexuality was a sin. Since the election was announced the press have been hounding him for a comment on gay sex. It was in a BBC interview at the weekend that he came out with the words: I don’t believe that gay sex is a sin.

Now I understood what the headline was all about. In the General Election Tim Farron wants to keep the five seats the Liberal Democrats already hold and hopefully win a few more. Tongue in cheek Rod Liddle was telling Tim Farron there was no point God speaking with him whilst the Election was on!

Andrew Turner was given no choice. He is the sitting MP for the Isle of Wight. He was asked during a question time with 6th formers at a college, appropriately called Christ the King, if he would be attending a local gay pride event. He said no because he believed homosexuality was wrong. His comments were reported. The local Tories disowned him. Within hours he announced his resignation. A new candidate will be standing in the upcoming election for the Isle of Wight.

If you are wanting to know how to pray for those who are standing in the General Election, my two words would be conviction and honesty. Jesus’s words are: ‘The truth shall set you free’. That’s what we need more of. I fear we are not going to see much of it in this election. Candidates are expected to stick to the party line. Soundbites conceived by some authority figure in a central office are the order of the day. Candidates receive tweets with their answer to questions - before they are even asked them.

Pray that candidates will tell us what they really believe and then leave it to the British people to decide who they want in office!