Announcement relating to the Charity Commission’s inquiry into Revelation Foundation

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This morning at 10.30 am, the front page news on the Charity Commission website stated that the Charity Commission had decided to launch a full statutory inquiry of the Revelation Foundation.

The facts as we know them are that in March of this year one or more viewers made a formal complain about the TV station and the Revelation Foundation to the Charity Commission. We don’t know what they complained about but we can make some educated guesses! Based on those complaints the Charity Commission wrote to us in May with a series of questions, mainly of a financial nature. We replied to those questions. At the same time they asked us if the trustees would meet with the Charity Commission. We said yes. They also asked if they could inspect the Charity books. We said yes.

Since May, they have asked no more questions, conducted no interviews with trustees, and examined no books. Suddenly last Thursday they wrote to us and said they had started a statutory inquiry of the Revelation Foundation on the 8th September. They also informed us that they were issuing a press release about the inquiry.

For the last week we have been trying to fight the issuing of the press release. I have it in front of me as I write. They suggest in it ‘potential significant loss of charitable funds’, ‘trustees personally benefiting from donations to the charity’, ‘connected party transactions’ and questioning ‘the decision to transfer significant charitable assets and funds to Spain’.

We have welcomed the charity inquiry and said we will answer any questions they have about the working of the charity. They have agreed to meet with two of the trustees in the next couple of week. But our concern with the press release is the damage it may do to those who look to us as a TV station to give integrity and transparency.

This is the statement we have placed today on our website in response to the Charity Commission inquiry:

Revelation Foundation is the UK registered charity that owns and operates Revelation Television. The trustees are all committed Bible-believing Christians with a vision for proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus
Christ through television and other electronic media.

The Charity Commission is a non-ministerial department of Government. It registers and regulates charities in England and Wales, to ensure that the public can support charities with confidence. It has notified Revelation Foundation that in March 2014 it “received complaints from members of the public alleging that the Foundation is being used for private advantage.”

Consequently, the Commission has opened a statutory inquiry into the Foundation. The concerns it seeks to address are “primarily in relation to the production and broadcasting of television programmes from Spain as well as the
trustees’ decisions to transfer significant charitable assets and funds from the UK to Spain”.

We support the work of the Charity Commission, and consider that it is essential to ensure that charities are regulated properly. The Revelation Foundation is being administered in full compliance with the Charity Commission
guidelines and we welcome the Commission inquiry. We are cooperating fully and all the trustees have offered to meet the Commission to assist them in every way they can.

Since learning in May of the complaints the Commission has received, the Foundation has re-examined its internal processes and consulted external accountants and lawyers to ensure that it is run
according to the highest standards of integrity and care. In particular there has been no loss or misapplication of charitable funds.

We are confident that the inquiry will conclude that the concerns are entirely unfounded.

In Christ,

The Trustees of Revelation Foundation

Here’s what some of our viewers have had to say:

“Dear Gordon I am watching the first half and I am crying for you and all of you. My love to you all. Keep your chins up. You are a life line to me.”

“Dear Howard and Leslie and our dear brothers and sisters in Christ We just cannot believe what is happening and we are sure that the Devil is most definitely behind all this persecution and the sad and sick minded people who hate our precious Lord God Almighty. We must realise that this is what will happen to Christians everywhere and we will and are praying for you, for your protection and encouragement. Don’t give in to wickedness and spite we should feel sorry for these evil people who just hate righteousness, probably because they live unjust lives in defiance of God’s clear guidance towards holy living. Remember The Holy Bible states ‘The fool says in his heart there is no God’ ! and just where they will end up if they don’t repent. Yes we are very upset also and pray to our Father God to lift your spirits and cheer your dear hearts. We love you all and love Revelation your are our Church and we will continue to support you and are honoured to do it”.

“Dear Howard, just wanted to say that you are an inspiration to me and your channel has helped me to keep going with God after a long time away from Him. Revelation TV is the most relevant and real christian channel - keep going you are all doing a fantastic job! God bless you and the team”