A statement from Gordon Pettie, CEO

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As the events unfolded yesterday afternoon in Parliament Square in London, when another potential terrorist attack was thwarted, I was reminded that earlier this week Lorna and I recorded a Church Without Walls service for showing at a future date on Revelation TV. In it we showed a piece about a serving policeman and what it meant for him, in the context of his work, to be a Christian. At the end of the piece we called on Revelation TV viewers everywhere to pause and pray for those who serve on the ‘front line’ in our country for our protection - not only the police, but those in the ambulance service, and the fire brigade, as well as those we never see, in security services such as MI5 and MI6.

The events of yesterday afternoon serve to remind us that we must never cease praying for all those who undertake such duties and are daily willing to lay down their lives for our protection.

In the Old Testament, in the book of Ezra, there is a story told of how Ezra was leading a group of Israelites back from exile in Babylon. Ezra and the people were given considerable wealth and possessions to take back with them. They were items that had been taken from the city when it was first destroyed. The King of Persia offered Ezra soldiers to protect him and the people on their travels back to Israel. Ezra rejected the offer saying, ‘Our God will protect us as we travel’ That was some faith. We need faith like that in these days, but I note that the faith was given to Ezra in the context of a people who humbled themselves before God, and fasted and prayed.

In Britain today it is important we have men and women who serve on the front line to protect us from evil, but it is also important we have a ‘back-up’ army of men and women who will humble themselves, and fast and pray for protection for our lands.

Church arise and put your armour on. It is time to pray!