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Peace in the Churches

Spare a thought for your Minister, Vicar, Church leader this month. Christmas is their busiest time of the year. As they enter the pulpit for all the Christmas services, they are expected to be on top-form, and be enthusiastic, and confident, regardless of what is happening in their Churches, and in their personal lives.


Sadly at least one Church has no Vicar this Christmas.  He has resigned because he cannot stand the moaning congregation a...


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Revelation TV Israel Jordan tour 2019

Revelation TV 15th anniversary Tour June 16th - 26th

To join the Church Without Walls tour to Israel and Jordan in June 2019 please phone bookings line: 020 8931 8811



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Prayer Warrior Alert

Dear prayer warriors

We want to encourage you to fast and pray today for our nation.

Most people have opinions on what is happening in Parliament and across the nation, but the only opinion that matters is God’s opinion!

in your prayers remember these words found in Isaiah 55.8-9

‘For my thoughts are not your thoughts, nor are your ways my...


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Christmas - A Story of Adoption


Did you know that the Christmas story is actually a story about adoption?

Some years ago as I was studying the word of God, I was led to understand more about our sonship with Christ.

(In other words, the fact that we are not just Christians in a religious sense but that we are actually sons of God through faith in Jesus Christ). 

As I was reading the book of John, I was particularly challenged by ch...


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Revelation TV - A Day of Prayer & Fasting for the United Kingdom

The next couple of weeks are vital times for the United Kingdom as the House of Commons considers how to vote on Brexit. Some commentators are saying that decisions that have to be made are historical: certainly all are saying they are critical for our nation. 

How in these days we need strong  -  and Godly - leadership. At Revelation TV, we have been looking for a call by our political leaders, and our Church leaders, for the nation to seek God for wis...


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Praying for Asia Bibi and Christians in Pakistan

I wonder what you were doing in June 2009. It most probably so long ago, that you have forgotten.

In June 2009, Asia Bibi, or to give her her full name, Aasiya Noreen living with her husband and five children in a village in the Punjab, Pakistan, about 30 miles from Lahore. Asia and her husband Ashiq Masih were the only Christians in the village. Everyone else was a Muslim. That made life difficult for them but they managed, even though like most Christians in Pakistan the...


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Equipment Thank you banner


What a month September was as viewers gave their support to Revelation’s Equipment Appeal. Not all those who donated asked for a personal acknowledgement, so please treat this letter as a great big ‘thank you’ from us.

All the money for the studio equipment was paid by the 17th Sep...


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Special Revelation Foundation Appeal

Dear Revelation TV Viewers

Since Revelation television began nearly sixteen years ago now, I cannot remember Revelation ever having sent out a letter like this one asking for help with finances. So this is a first for us!

About a month ago, it was brought to Revelation TV’s attention, that the ITV studios on the South Bank in London, were closing and the building being demolished. Most of the expensive equipm...


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The A.C.E. of prayer

Prayer ISN’T a game of chance, yet when all else has failed, some will turn to prayer almost in the hope that luck may be on their side. Praying to God, for us however, is fellowship, communion and the very core of our existence. We don’t see prayer as a one-way conversation. We talk to the Lord, and He lovingly responds to His children.

Have you ever tried to have an intimate conversation with someone that you do not know very well? It’s awkward isn’t it? Likewise, conversing...


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the healing word

Join Cyril and Breda Smyth every Friday at 22:00 for the Healing Word, where they will be pray for the sick live on-air.

Watch on Sky 581, Freesat 692, Roku box, The App and



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