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RokuĀ® streaming device

Roku® streaming devices offer a reliable and economic way to watch Revelation TV on most modern televisions where wireless Internet is available. Some televisions come with a Roku® streaming device pre-installed.

Roku® streaming devices cost less than $30/£30 to purchase with no monthly subscription costs to view Revelation TV.

If you need help to activate or link your Roku® streaming device ...

26 Mar 2019

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What happened in Christ Church New Zealand yesterday where a so called 'White Supremacist' or 'Far Right Activist' led and carried out 'a terrorist act' against Muslims, killing and injuring so many worshippers, has to be condemned and I am compelled to point out that as Christians we should never condone such horrific acts and completely condemn those who do so.

Sadly we continue to hear of si...

16 Mar 2019

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Roger Samuels visits Revelation TV

We have just completed an inspirational interview with Roger Samuels (an old friend of Revelation TV).  He is  in the final stages of "The Voice" on ITV.

We invite you to download the Voice app and vote for Roger.

Here are Roger´s credentials

Instagram: @Rogersamuelsofficial 

Twitter: @rogersamuelsoficial

Facebook: Rogersamuels

15 Mar 2019

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Behind The Scenes of the European Report

Join Simon Barrett and his guests in the April European Report as they discuss the forth coming European Parliamentary elections and what a post brexit EU will look like.

Photos of the European Report filmed on Tuesday 5th March in the European Parliament.






13 Mar 2019

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Write down the Vision and Make it Plain - Habbakuk 2.2

At the beginning of this year I felt the Lord encouraging me to write down the vision He has for my life for 2019 – to make it plain.

The same day we went to see the New Building and the progress that had been made on it and for my eyes were more open to the vision for all the New Building will be able to achieve – for the people we can reach and the programmes we can make there.  I was even m...

26 Jan 2019

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Revelation TV back on Freeview HD

We are pleased to say that Revelation TV is back available on Freeview HD - 264.

We apologise to our viewers that the programmes were not available early on in January. The problem was not caused by Revelation TV.  We were told there was a software problems at the Freeview HD end. Thankfully the problem has been resolved and hopefully viewers who watch Revelation TV, via Freeview HD, are back ...

18 Jan 2019

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On the corner of Surbiton High Street, is a delightful new Wine Bar. I like nothing better than to go and enjoy the atmosphere in it. Rather than a glass of wine, my choice is coffee. Skinny Latte is my preference.
In the corner they have a small bookcase, and encourage people to swap books. ‘You put one of yours in and can take one that is already there’. A few days ago as I ...

08 Jan 2019

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The Persecuted Church (New Programme)

In many countries of the world the Christian Church is growing strongly, and vibrantly. Often the growth is in countries where Christians face the fiercest persecution for their faith.

The new Persecuted Church programme will be looking at what God is doing in countries of the world where Christians face persecution.
As believers in the West, we need to learn of the persecution, see how the Ch...

02 Jan 2019

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Have a blessed New Year

With a father who grew up in Aberdeen, and parents who loved taking the family to Highland Games, and Scottish dances, my sister and I grew up viewing the New Year as a very important time of the year. Hogmanay, first footing, singing Auld Lang Syne, were all part of the tradition of the Pettie New Year.

Every New Year my father recited his favourite poem, which he had first heard quoted in Ki...

01 Jan 2019

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Peace in the Churches

Spare a thought for your Minister, Vicar, Church leader this month. Christmas is their busiest time of the year. As they enter the pulpit for all the Christmas services, they are expected to be on top-form, and be enthusiastic, and confident, regardless of what is happening in their Churches, and in their personal lives.


Sadly at least one Church has no Vicar this Christmas.  He has resigne...

13 Dec 2018

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