Meet our presenters

As an ordained woman of God, a former British Red Cross nurse, Parliamentary researcher, mother of a lovely daughter who died at 20 from chemotherapy for cancer, a terminally ill patient myself, now recovered and fully accredited as a Health Minister, I have a somewhat integrative approach to health! My first book was called “God’s Healing Word” and I have written other, downloadable books called “The Get Well and Stay Well Course”, the “Lighten Up and Stay Light Course,” “Survival Guide for End Times”, “Colonics and Implants”, “The Wheatgrass Complete Food”, and for those who have trouble reading I have recorded an audio Get Well and Stay Well course called “The Blessing”. The Lord has given us fearfully and wonderfully made IMMUNE SYSTEMS which continually try to heal us from our stressed and polluted 21st century lifestyle, and our addictions to the wrong fats, sugars and salts. When we detox, return to the natural foods He designed for us to live on, rehydrate our bodies, exercise in fresh air and convert stress to energy, our cells heal. I was delighted to be invited to become a senior associate of the Royal Society of Medicine in London, and am even more blessed to be able to share God’s immune building programme on Revelation TV. So do join Cyrus Fernando and me as we examine Nutrition, Exercise, Water, Sunshine, Temperance, Air, Rest and Trust in God, to Get Well and Stay Well. Follow Dr Felicity Corbin Wheeler on Twitter and Facebook